EIFS - Exterior Insulation & Finishing Systems

Beautiful and Green - EIFS 'Outsulation' Makes Any Building Better

Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems, otherwise known as EIFS or synthetic stucco, provided beauty and protection agains the element. The EIFS installation process is multifaceted, and includes prepping the exterior with several layers before applying the final stucco finish.

Superior Stucco & EIFS, Inc. are leaders in Maryland and Northern Virginia in the application of EIFS on commercial and residential properties.


Dryvit is a leader in EIFS, and an innovator in developing premium outsulation systems. Outsulation, as the name implies, is a system for insulating the exterior of a building against heat and cold. In the video on the right, Dryvit explains their outsulation system in detail.

EIFS outsulation can be applied to virtually any building. In addition to being used to make a property more 'green', EIFS is also used to change the aesthetics of a building. Replacing concrete, brick or siding with EIFS creates the illusion of a brand new building. See the Dryvit Home Makeover video below.

Dryvit Home Makeover

As a part of a local contest, Dryvit surprised one homeowner with home makeover of a lifetime. Previously the home was covered in wood siding, which had become weathered and was beginning to show the danger signs of deterioration.

An EIFS application replaced all of the wood siding, giving the home a completely new look, and providing it with superior weather and temperature protection.

Sto Corporation - Integrated System

In the EIFS and stucco industry, new product innovations are constantly changing the quality and application of exterior outsulation surfaces. Sto Corporation is another innovator in the industry. In the video on the right, Sto Corp. explains their latest integrated EIFS product, and how it is changing the industry.

For the consumer, integrating the application process makes for speedier installation times and cost savings.

Questions About EIFS?

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Featured Photos

EIFS Restoration Before

EIFS Restoration After

City Restoration

This city building previously had a painted brick front and wood trim detail. After years of exposure to the elements, the wood was rotting and the brick front was in serious need to updating. Superior Stucco & EIFS, Inc. applied an Exterior Insulation & Finishing System that restored the property beautifully.