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As with any surface that is subject to the elements, your stucco or stone exterior needs regular maintenance for it to remain in top shape. Care for your stucco, and you will increase its longevity, saving big bucks down the road.

Superior Stucco & EIFS, Inc. offer our commercial and residential clients regular maintenance packages. Contact us and we will evaluate the property's maintenance needs, and develop a stucco maintenance plan that meets your needs and budget.

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Stucco Care &
Maitenance Facts

Stucco Care & Maintenance Facts

Does stucco need cleaning?

Yes. As with any other surface that is subject to weather, stucco can become dirty and stained over time. Regular cleaning is necessary to ensure the health as well as the look of your stucco. Stucco left uncleaned can retain moisture, develop harmful mold and deteriorate more rapidly than stucco that has been regularly cleaned.

Does stucco need maintenance?

Yes. Each year, your stucco should be inspected for signs of wear and cracks. Repairs should be done to any cracked areas, and cleaning should be performed annually as well.

Can I paint my stucco?

We do not recommend painting stucco. Painting can trap moisture in the stucco, which can cause it to deterioriate faster than stucco left unpainted.

Is it cheaper to maintain or replace stucco?

In the long run, having your stucco maintained with increase its lifespan, and will cost less than replacing your stucco.